Our Photo Experience with Joanna Eardley Photography.

I’ve often looked at other people’s professional photographs and imagined what sort of photos I would have done but never seriously considered it for myself.  I’m not the most photogenic and would I really want pictures of myself all over the house?!  Nope!


Since having children most people I know have had some kind of photo shoot with their family and of course the ‘Maternity Shoot’ has become the latest craze. The little farmer loves the camera and I started to feel that I should mark these special days with something better than the pictures taken on my phone.  As it grew nearer to the arrival of baby two in December, I decided to get something arranged before the haze of the baby days kicked in again and the idea was put to the bottom of the to do list, to probably never get done, ever!

In August I gathered a few quotes from the companies that friends had used and I was deflated to realise that this really was a luxury. Could I really spare this amount of money on photographs?  I forgot the idea again for a while until some more photo shoot pictures popped up on a friend’s Facebook page and I reasoned that money wise it was now or never.  It was back to the internet to find someone who I trusted to get exactly what I wanted so it wasn’t money wasted.

Photographs in a studio can be striking but it isn’t for me. I live in a beautiful area with access to some stunning backdrops that have sentimental meaning to us. I didn’t want to be in a studio. I wanted to be on the farm and I wanted photos to be as natural as possible. I couldn’t find a company that appeared to offer that in our area.

I had thought of contacting Joanna Eardley a few times throughout this research process as I’ve been a guest at weddings that she has photographed and the images were outstanding. We know her through Young Farmers’ as she is a Farmer’s daughter herself. This in itself was appealing to me over someone with no idea of our way of life. I wasn’t really sure that this was something she would do but I had briefly mentioned to her at a wedding that I’d like her to take a few pictures of the little farmer when he was older (he was only a few months old at the time).


Joanna replied to my initial message really quickly and was helpful when I said I’d like photos that didn’t hide that I was expecting another baby but also weren’t making it too prominent. Maternity shoots are definitely not my thing! We agreed on natural photos on the farm and then photos at our house when the baby had arrived.

The price was very similar to other quotes that I’d had except Joanna gives you every photo on a memory stick and you can also download from a private link on her website. Not forgetting that she was coming out to us and it was a 30 minute journey for her.

Joanna is very friendly and easy to talk to. It wasn’t hard to pose for photographs as we were chatting most of the time so the photos looked relaxed and natural because they were. She won over the little farmer and he was happy to smile for her. During the second photo shoot he was being quite difficult as his world had just been blown apart by the arrival of his baby brother.  Jo talked to him about the things he liked, at that point it was the mouse from ‘The Gruffalo’, and managed to get smiles from him.  It must be very hard to take photographs in someone’s living room on a dull December day with two un- cooperative children; we are really pleased with the images.

After seeing her photos from weddings, christenings and now our own family portraits, I would highly recommend Jo for all events and occasions. She has an obvious love of the outdoors and effortlessly finds that special backdrop for photos that are more personal than ones taken in a studio.

As our family grows up I’m sure we will be using her again.


All opinions are my own and I was not given free products in exchange for this review.

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