MooGoo: A Review.

Baby Farmer has had eczema since he was 4 months old. I have used every potion and lotion that has been available to me and the best mix I have found is a steroid cream twice a day and thick greasy emollient smothered on him every chance I get. It is not diet related as we have cut out food groups, it is purely his immune system attacking his skin. I’m not sure that he will grow out of it as it runs in my family.A few weeks ago a friend told me that she had read an article about an Australian product called MooGoo. It is the idea of a Farmer whose mother used Udder Mint on her skin problems. This struck a chord with me as my dad has always used Udder Mint for whatever skin ailment he may have had and in the past I have flippantly suggested that we should try it on Baby F’s skin.

I ordered on-line as it isn’t stocked locally to me. The postage is quite steep at £5 so I ordered a few products recommended for eczema to make it worth it. The Irritable Skin Balm is available on the NHS and was offered as buy two get one free so I put that in my basket as the number one item. I also ordered Soothing MSM cream, which is recommended for use alongside the Irritable Skin Balm, the Milk Shampoo, for itchy scalps and the Mini Moo Bubbly Wash. Baby Farmer has never had a bubble bath so I was attracted to the idea of a foaming wash that not only wouldn’t irritate but may actually help his skin.

The order arrived promptly and was beautifully packaged. As soon as I opened the outer box I could smell the creamy smell of the products. They smell like cream we consume but it is actually coconut and honey. The packaging of each product was attractive and designed to look like milk cartons but I’m not sure that it is necessary to box the products as the plastic packaging was appealing enough, it seems a bit wasteful.


I am a huge fan of all the products. They are creamy and a small amount goes a long way. It has been wonderful to not have greasy finger marks all over the house and on my clothes from Baby F’s thick emollient. I initially stopped using the steroid cream to see how good MooGoo was and he went three days before he was red raw again, he usually can only miss one day. I now still use the steroid cream twice a day along with the MooGoo creams. He still has itching bouts when he gets hot but that is expected. His skin is actually soft instead of rough and scaly and a few people have commented that it doesn’t look as red and patchy.

I have used the MooGoo creams on my knees and elbows as who doesn’t have dry knees and elbows? Well I don’t anymore! This has never been achieved by using various other creams.  The Milk Shampoo appears to have largely resolved Baby F’s scalp itching and his hair (and mine) is soft and shiny, it also smells gorgeous. The bubbly bath hasn’t irritated his skin and it must have moisturisers in it as Baby Farmer keeps slipping around in the bath but he finds this hilarious and he loves the small amount of foam that is produced.

The products are pricey but no more so than other medically recommended eczema products that are available on the high street. I would love to try the MooGoo facial products and items that are aimed more at pampering rather than special skin conditions but while I will spend highly to make Baby F more comfortable I don’t spend money on things like this for myself. Despite being a qualified Beauty Therapist and knowing better, my face cream and skin products are cheap and probably quite nasty!

I love the ranges that MooGoo sell in kit form. These make excellent gifts ranging from the ‘Just Because’ skincare pack to the ‘Oncology Pack’ designed for people who have had chemotherapy or radiation.

The products don’t appear to resemble my dad’s much loved Udder Mint at all and in fact none of the products even contain peppermint but I can’t deny that the products work. They may not have solved our eczema and sadly strong steroid cream is still required but they have certainly made it more comfortable for our little farmer. I love holding his soft, baby hand instead of the previous rough, scratchy one, which broke my heart every time he held it up and said “sore”.

MooGoo- it’s thumbs up from us!

All opinions are my own as I have not been asked by the company to write this review.


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