Nantwich Show 2018

Tractor (2)

Yesterday we had a fabulous day at Nantwich Show. It was the first time that either myself or D had been and it proved to be the best show that I’ve been to in a while.

Like all days out for us there has to be a certain degree of extra hard work or a trade-off for being able to enjoy some family time. On this occasion it meant that D’s alarm was blaring at 2am so he could ensure that the milk round was finished early enough for us to have a reasonable length of time at the show. If I could bottle his source of energy instead of milk, I’d be a very rich woman.

We were prepared for lengthy queues but were pleasantly surprised to drive straight in after only a short time at standstill. We walked onto the showground via the very picturesque canal, which for me brought back memories of holidaying on a canal boat when I was 14.

We visited the vintage tractors first and Baby Farmer began shouting ‘Tractor’ with glee and we knew he was hooked. We paid a visit to the cattle. All looked turned out to perfection with some even having a tiny amount of glitter on their coats, something I’ve never heard of being done before. The sheep were the next port of call. D was happy to skip this part, not being a sheep fan himself, but I prefer sheep to cattle and baby farmer loves them too. They didn’t disappoint, I’ve not seen so many different breeds at a show and like the cattle we admired the efforts that went into preparing them for showing.

Baby Farmer loves sheep.

We spent some time sitting around the main ring watching the Shire Horses. My Grandfather used to keep Shires and so a large degree of my admiration for this animal comes from that. I also think that agriculture owes them a lot. The work that had gone into plaiting manes and polishing tack was commendable. This was followed by fancy dress, such a fantastic class and for me the winner was the little girl on a Shetland pony dressed as a pilot while the horse was her plane with a cardboard plane frame fitted onto its back. It was perfect.

Baby Farmer loved the day from start to finish, pointing at things and being as inquisitive as ever, he was even as good as gold in the produce and  commercial marquees. All of the stalls sold high quality products, nothing was what I call ‘tat’.

Enjoying his magazine from the NFU stand.

We enjoyed a complimentary pork pie lunch followed by strawberries and cream at one of the trade stands and everyone was very welcoming. It was here that we entered a milk tasting competition. No one had guessed the whole milk, skimmed, semi-skimmed and A2 milk correctly up to this point and I’m not too hopeful that we did either. I’ve only ever had whole milk and our milk seems to be much richer than most sold in shops. It was a fun competition and Baby Farmer loved drinking the leftovers!

The Cheese Marquee

Nantwich Show is known as the biggest cheese show so it was only right that we explored the cheese marquee. This was spectacular. I’ve never seen so much cheese since I went on a tour of a cheese factory with Young Farmers’.  There were so many stands and demonstrations going on but this was by far the busiest marquee and so we were limited as to what we could get close enough to see. I love cheese but there’s only so much sampling you can do!

Cheese 2

I visited the toy stand alone as we thought it was safer that the baby didn’t see the array of Britain’s farm toys that were on offer. I was memorised and wanted something for Baby Farmer’s birthday. I’m known to be indecisive and the farm building set that I decided I would buy sold before I had made my mind up!

Baby Farmer had quite a collection of white sticks by the end of the day. He was very good at acquiring balloons on sticks from the trade stands, but he wasn’t so good at not popping them. We were sure that he would be returning home without a balloon, much to his disappointment. Daddy saved the day and just as we were making tracks to leave D found him a cow helium balloon from the ‘Nantwich Farm Vets’ stand. This has fared much better and is still being chased around our living room.

The Surviving Balloon.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Nantwich show. It is a true agricultural show that hasn’t been overrun with commercialism. We will definitely be back.

All opinions are my own as I have not been invited to write this review.

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